OK, so, when I started this little "announcement" I was in a state of full-on Mania; for more than week
I was mentally running at beyond-top-speed and everything made sense despite the crazy accelerated rate
of brainflow... now that I've had time to settle down and get re-caught up in life's more mundane aspects,
I've been free to wallow in the gravity of my situation. No matter how much I want to put a positive
spin on it, I'm caught in a deep hole of my own making, and it's very embarrasssing to admit , and so I've
just been stewing in it for awhile. Anyway, below is the too-long-awaited "update" ... warts and all.



Obviously, you all can say whatever you want, and I *love* to know my friends
care, but I’m starting my ridiculously delayed “truth bomb“ with the following
List to put the Kabash on any totally unnecessary phrasing… 

◦ Are you okay?
I’m better than “okay”... I Am AMAZING!! (Mentally and physically anyway...)

◦ Get well! 
Again, Please don't waste your Precious Time worrying about
my Health. I'm aleady Better, with a newly re-invigorated Brain;
I feel like a million dollars worth of therapy was injected directly into it!

◦ Hospitals are such awful places…
This all has been an extremely POSITIVE exerience!! And even tho I have
always been a master-level Sarcasm Wizard… I am being 100% straight here! 

And with that, Iet’s move on to the real factoids of this Announcement here…


In early Feb, I spent a week at Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital with a left leg
containing multiple blood clots, plus an angry MRSA infection, both of which were
1,000 times worse than need be, because “dumbass old me” took so long to come in.
And then, there was some concern about my previously mentioned Mania , which
added a few more days. I'll admit I was in a pretty agitated state, but it was
All Good, like a bunch of stuff got knocked loose when I hit rock-bottom so hard.

And THEN, after being released for 3 days, my Primary checked me out and says my blood
is now waaaay too thin and I should head straight to the ER... leading to another 5 day stay. 

And to add to all that excitement, I recently lost my job of 20 years
(when the bosslady sold the biz) AND I am (currently) Uninsured!

I purposely put “dumbass old me” in quotes so I could quickly point out that THAT lackadaisical
bastard is dead and gone. No one should feel any grief nor send flowers. I sure will not mourn
his passing, even though he and I certainly shared way too many so-called “good times”. 

I already know that "not-as-dumbass new me" is going to be alright, eventually.
But right now, I really can use any financial aid that anyone feels they can give ...
and if not, no worries, I understand.

I want to thank you all for being my friends and I apologize again for
letting so many important things (including y’all) fall to the wayside,
as I have done with almost every other aspect of my stupid life…
including my home, my car, my finances, etc., etc.… 

Now, I know times are tough all over,
but I will simply mention that
I am making myself easily "reachable"
to anyone who feels able/willing to Help...

and Facebook Pay*.

PM me if you’d prefer to reach out through
any other means, and thank you for listening! 

* FB Pay is apparently phone-only these days?